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New and old faces alike are interviewed as Tiger Tribune seeks to introduce the nine new teachers of Cedar Bluff. 

Tiger Basketball has begun. For schedules of games please contact a basketball team member.

Tiger Tribune highlights the many accomplishments of FFA 

An excerpt of the first-ever published "Bluffer" from 1946. 

    Christmas 4 Kids, a program our school has participated in for many years, once again brings Christmas to many students through the coordinated efforts of various organizations.   

    Every year Beta Club, FCCLA, and SGA helped to provide presents to kids who are in need. Mrs. Andreanna Davis asks which clubs can sponsor children and how many. When the club sponsor replies, they are given the number of children they asked for and then work toward fulfilling Christmas wishes.

    Beta Club contributes by raising money for gifts to be bought. Members also individually purchase gifts for the children. After school, the Beta members wrap the presents for their children. Beta is doing a little extra, stuffing a stocking for the children so they can get the full Christmas experience.

     Cathy Wilson, Beta club sponsor, said enthusiastically, “I think the Christmas 4 Kids is a wonderful program. . . It is all about the children. 


     Christmas 4 Kids provides clothes, toys and other items to our local children. It warms the hearts of those donating items/money to be able to give to others.  It is a win-win for all involved.” 

      FCCLA members themselves give money to buy presents for their youngsters. They personally choose and wrap the gifts. 


      “I think it is a great program. It really gives people who want to help an opportunity to give back,” said Kelsey Higgins, the FCCLA adviser.

      Through their ongoing fundraiser, StarBluff Cafe, SGA has been able to contribute over a $1,000 this year for their children (StarBluff is a coffee fundraiser held almost every Friday morning). 


      The SGA is providing for two different families of about eight children. The SGA has been doing this for the longest out of all the clubs.

      “I think it helps families. I like it, if I didn’t like it and didn’t think it would do good, I wouldn’t do it,” said Mr. Warner Smith, SGA advisor.

      Christmas 4 Kids is a good program that enriches our community, not only by allowing those less fortunate to spend Christmas happily but also allowing the children of the community to help others.


Cedar Bluff Celebrates Once Again Christmas 4 Kids

By: Josalynn Garrett

Cedar Bluff Student Participates in JSU Dual Enrollment Ad

By: Riley Crowe and Russell Givens


     Cedar Bluff Senior Manuel Lugo was chosen for a new Jacksonville State University advertising campaign for dual enrollment.  Lugo is featured in a video that will be shown to potential dual enrollment students in high schools across Alabama. 


     Lugo has taken three dual enrollment courses through the JSU Core Scholars and Jump Start programs:  English Composition 101, English Composition 102, and Oral Communications.  

     JSU dual enrollment recruiters hope to encourage students, especially  juniors, to join Jump Start in earning college credit while still in high school. 


     Dual enrollment prepares students to realistically understand and experience what college classes involve through rigorous, challenging, but rewarding, coursework and collegiate experiences.


     Manuel said, “Dual enrollment is important because it encourages students to join the program to get a head start on their college careers and find a path they may want to take in the future.” 


     Students who want to participate in dual enrollment through JSU must have a ‘B’ average or better. Also, students must have completed the ninth grade before enrolling as accelerated students and be authorized by school officials in meeting all criteria.


     Classes are offered such as basic core classes and extracurricular classes that colleges require. 


     “Our students at Cedar Bluff not only have speech and English composition courses with JSU Adjunct Steve Bishop, but they also have access to a plethora of collegiate courses,” Counselor Andreanna Davis said.


     Davis, along with Mr. B., initiated the dual enrollment program so that Cedar Bluff students would have opportunities that are often only available at larger schools.

Cedar Bluff students have taken speech, English 101, 102, history, and psychology courses.  


     Mr. Bishop, who has taught dual enrollment for almost twenty years, notes the significance of the JSU Jump Start program: “Dual Enrollment, as it pertains to my areas of expertise, provides students the opportunity to hone their composition, interpretation, and communication crafts in preparing them for strenuous collegiate writing found in all fields of study. 


     All dual enrollment courses, moreover, perpetuate critical reading and analytical skills and helps students communicate effectively their own personal understanding of concepts, works, and today’s world in general.”


     Cedar Bluff’s own Manuel Lugo will now be instrumental in advancing the JSU Jump Start Dual Enrollment program to students across the state through the new video and print advertisement campaign.  

Senior At Cedar Bluff Forms A Conference For Young Girls


                                                                                                             By: Dannah Johnson      

   A student at Cedar Bluff School created a conference for teenage girls in the community. That student is Hannah Horton, a senior. 


   Hannah, a member of FCA and the school’s praise band, recently hosted a conference called Daughter Defined at Dry Creek Chapel in Leesburg. 


   Daughter Defined is an annual young girl’s conference for females ranging from high school freshman to college freshmen. The conference was formed to encourage a sense of community for young girls growing in their faith. 


   Horton explained, “It is a night filled with worship, testimonies, fellowship, food and door prizes.”


   Horton has been inspired for a long time to start Daughter Defined. Horton said, “ God called me to begin preparing for Daughter Defined in late 2018 after I had heard about an event called “Gathering Grace” that took place in a neighboring county.”


   According to Horton,  it took months to prepare the outreach of this magnitude.

 “I gathered a team of young girls in the community and sought help from my church and Jessica Walker (counselor at Cedar Bluff).


   Walker commented, “It was inspiring to see such a driven highschool student formulate her vision for the conference and put it into action.” 


   Horton expressed that this event was a community effort. “Throughout the process several people began donating money, door prizes, and volunteering to help. Witnessing the community lending helping hands and attending Daughter Defined was really inspiring.” 


   Horton invited many inspiring women from the community to speak at the Sunday evening gathering.  Jensen Alexander, a former student at Cherokee County High School and a student at Gadsden State, Tiffany Rieger, a teacher at Centre Middle School, Macy Reedy, a senior at Spring Garden High School, and Mandi Caldwell, assistant principal at Cherokee County High School, shared their testimonies at the conference. 


   “This conference exceeded far beyond our expectations, Waker said.


   When asked how Daughter Defined impacted young girls in the community, Horton responded, “The message of Daughter Defined was essentially striving to ensure the girls of our community to form a relationship with Jesus and inspire them to begin living as a renewed Daughter of Christ. At the conclusion of the event, several girls approached me with hugs, tearful faces, and smiles, expressing their gratitude and how this night had impacted them. I believe that many girls benefited from the night, learning to believe how amazing they are as a true Daughter of the King.”


   This Sunday night ministry was inspiring, filled with a community of young girls growing in their faith and discovering their identity through Christ.  

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